Roof Cleaning Cornwall & Devon

S.E.C.S offers a professional softwash roof cleaning service covering Cornwall, Devon and surrounding areas.

Roof Cleaning
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Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Cornwall & Devon

At Specialized Exterior Cleaning Services we are committed to providing our roof cleaning customers, excellent service and highest quality of workmanship to make your roof stand out from your neighbours.

A clean roof gives your property a well maintained look.

As roof cleaning experts in Cornwall and Devon we know how moss can damaged your roof tiles and can cause major damage to your property. Causing leaks and over flowing gutters can damp your property. A sight we see all the time on properties where we roof clean in Cornwall and Devon. Removing the moss from your roof will protect your home from the Cornish weather.

Specialized Exterior Cleaning Services will clean your roof by hand or using light pressure to remove the moss and lichen from the roof tiles.

Once your roof has been cleaned a specialised biocide (Fungicidal wash) will be used to kill all bacteria and moss. This biocide is the best on the market and works over a period of time. The results will be a complete new looking roof.

Specialised equipment is utilised to deliver it effectively and safety onto the roof.

The product leaves no smear and is non-aggressive and achieves impressive results while being safe to the environment.

  • Our company will arrange a date and time with the customer to do a site survey.
  • We will give the customer the best advice on the process to remove the roof moss and then treat.
  • This will be followed up by a written quote (you can accept the quote or decline the quote at any stage).

Some customers want a instantly clean roof straight away. In this case we use a pressure washer at low pressure which will not damaged the roof tiles if used correctly. During this process of cleaning the roof tiles we disconnect all down pipes to the house, plastic sheets are placed around the areas where moss and dirt will come off the roof during cleaning. Once all the moss and lichen has been cleaned from the roof we the apply a biocide to keep your roof cleaner for years to come. (We don’t bleach roofs).

All gutters and fascias will be cleaned as part of the roof clean. We will leave your house clean and tidy.

We can supply Risk Assessments and Method statements for all works carried out.

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