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Domestic and Commercial window cleaning in Perranporth and Surrounding Areas

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Are you looking for a reliable window cleaner in Perranporth?

We are well established, experienced window cleaners you can depend on to provide a regular window cleaning service throughout the year.

We are a professional company committed to the highest standards of customer service and the most competitive prices.

We clean window frames and sills as standard.

Domestic Window Cleaner Perranporth

We are available for a one-off clean or an ongoing regular window cleaning service in Perranporth and surrounding areas. We clean windows using state-of-the-art water fed poles and pure water cleaning technology as well as more traditional window cleaning methods by hand.

Our long reach extendable poles reach several storeys high meaning we can clean windows in flats and apartment blocks and homes of any size.

We are professionals committed to the highest standards of cleaning and customer service.

If you choose our regular residential window cleaning service we agree a set frequency with you and stick to it. We also offer a variety of payment methods for your convenience.

What is pure water?

Purified water undergoes an intensive filtration process which removes all naturally occuring minerals such as chalk, calcium and limescale which result in hard water deposits. If windows are sprayed with normal tap water and not thoroughly cleaned the water leaves white spotting marks on the glass. These are hard water deposits.

Purified water has many industrial uses one of which is for professional window cleaning.

By filtering it until the water is absolutely pure means glass dries to a sparkling, crystal clear finish every time.

Traditional window cleaner in Perranporth

Traditional methods by hand involves cleaning glass with a soapy solution applied on a microfibre sleeve fitted to a handheld tool. The glass is then cleaned off using a squeegee which works like a car windscreen wiper.

Interior window cleaning

For the most comprehensive clean we also clean inside windows too.

Commercial window cleaners Perranporth

Our commercial window cleaning delivers the very best in quality of service, reliability and value for money for businesses throughout Perranporth, Newquay, Truro, St Austell, St Ives and surrounding areas.

Professionalism is at the heart of what we do and operators are smartly dressed in company uniform, drive sign written vans and utilise the best equipment. Our water fed poles are operated from the ground for enhanced safety and removing the need for ladders.

We understand the importance of ensuring a safe environment for those around us and strictly adhere to Health and Safety policy.

Our business customers include hotels, pubs, restaurants, offices, shops and other retail outlets.

If you need a window cleaner you can rely on in Perranporth call Specialized Exterior Cleaning Services.

Additional services

We clean all outdoor areas of homes and business premises including render, cladding, gutter and fascia cleaning  and pressure washing driveways and patios.