Top Tips To Clean Your Gutters

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Cleaning the gutters can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not handy. Furthermore, the job is dirty and if you’re afraid of heights, it’s worse. Nevertheless, failing to clean the gutters on a regular basis will cause unwanted problems to your home.

Overflowing gutters will cause damage to your garden and foundation. The latter is serious if not attended to because the water can find its way to the crawlspace and basement.

When Should You Clean Your Gutters?

You can clean your gutters at least twice a year, during Autumn and spring. These seasons provide the best time to clean the gutters. However, this will depend on your neighbourhood. If there’re numerous trees, you may have to clean them more often.

Also, after a big storm, rain or wind, you may want to check on the gutters to ensure debris doesn’t accumulate on the gutters.

Wait until the gutters dry up to clean them. This will provide a much better environment to work, otherwise, you may have to deal with mud, which will make it difficult to clean. In addition, try and inspect your gutters after learning of a forecasted storm.

You don’t want to look out the window to rainwater overflowing from the gutters. This will damage the home’s foundation, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Safety Comes First

Before you start cleaning out the gutters, get a working ladder. Don’t fall into the temptation of cleaning the gutters while on the roof. You’ll be inviting serious injuries on yourself.

Also, make sure the ladder is functional and without any blemish. Inspect the ladder for even footing and stability. If you feel insecure, add a spotter.

While on the ladder, avoid any sudden movements. This might cause the ladder to topple and cause you to fall. In addition, don’t stretch out any further than is required. Make sure your waist is always between the rails.

Get standoff stabilizers to avoid damaging your gutters. An extension ladder will need these stabilizers to protect the gutters from damage when leaning against the house.

Use a tarp laid out below the gutters to collect the debris. You can also use a bucket if you use an A-frame ladder, you can hang the bucket on the hooks built onto the ladder.

Getting the Dirt Out

After getting to the end, you can use a small shovel to scoop out the dirt. The best option, however, would be to use your own hands. They make the best tool for scooping the dirt, but make sure you wear protective gloves.

Do this for all gutters and afterwards, flash the gutters with a hosepipe. Make sure you have free-flowing water at the spout. If this is not the case, you still have a clog. Increase the pressure and angle the hose to face the spout.

Cleaning the gutters by yourself requires some handy work, but if you aren’t one, you can use various methods to prevent debris from getting to the gutters.

Mesh guards act as a net which traps large debris from entering the gutters. In addition, they are cheap compared to gutter whiskers, which work in the same way.


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